Geophysical Methods

The science of geophysics is based on investigations of the Earth’s physical properties useful for determining sub-surface conditions.  The most common airborne geophysical methods are magnetics, radiometrics, and electromagnetics. One of the common challenges with airborne surveys is that the geophysical sensor system must be designed and implemented effectively to provide useful data while keeping costs down. Traditional survey companies would have you believe that airborne geophysical survey systems must be large, heavy, complex, and expensive to work properly. Their systems were not designed to allow for the unique operating characteristics of helicopters. Large helicopters and excessive flight heights are required to compensate for poor system design. The costs of their high fuel burn and complex maintenance requirements are passed on to the customer. At the same time, external sensors means that they must be flown at higher altitudes which limits the resolution and detection of small geophysical sources which are typically sought in mineral exploration applications.


While we normally operate our own helicopters equipped with single-sensor or multi-sensor geophysical systems, we can also ship selected components or an  entire system to survey sites anywhere on the globe. Installations in a wide variety of aircraft are possible, using our pilots or local pilots.

Our solution

At Precision GeoSurveys, we are always working to provide our customers with superior geophysical data at a lower cost. A thorough knowledge of helicopters and the latest advances in exploration technology are combined to design airborne systems capable of producing the very highest quality of geophysical data, especially in low-level surveys. Our multi-sensor survey systems are fully integrated with dedicated helicopters flown by pilots highly skilled at the unique characteristics of low-level survey flying in mountainous terrain. We use the latest advances in digital technology, state-of-the-art sensor design, and composite materials to build geophysical systems custom-installed on our own helicopters, eliminating equipment set-up and pilot training delays.


Precision GeoSurveys specializes in high resolution airborne geophysical surveys. In order to collect the high resolution data that our clients demand in mountainous terrain, we use Bell 206B, Bell 206L, and Eurocopter AS350 helicopters due to their proven safety, reliability, performance, and fuel economy. When it comes to collecting high-quality geophysical data in challenging terrain, you can’t beat the low and slow capabilities of a helicopter. For large surveys over gentle terrain, we use Cessna 206 and Piper Navajo fixed wing aircraft equipped with single-sensor or multi-sensor (gradient) magnetometer systems and gamma spectrometers.

Precision GeoSurveys Inc. is dedicated to providing superior geophysical data at competitive prices.